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Welcome To The Pushpanjali Eye Care,one of the best eye hospital in Kolkata. We are committed to preserving and enhancing your precious gift of sight. We have a dedicated team of experienced eye surgeons in Kolkata who offer their best eye treatments and cutting-edge procedures. Our top priority is patient-centric care, ensuring that every individual feels valued. We create a nurturing environment to enhance the overall experience. Trust Pushpanjali for all your eye care needs.

Our highly skilled and experienced eye specialists are devoted to delivering top-quality eye treatments in Kolkata. At Pushpanjali, your well-being takes center stage. We provide friendly guidance and personalized eye treatments, ensuring your vision is optimized. Our goal extends beyond healthy eyes; we aim for an overall better quality of life for you.

Professional Doctors

At Pushpanjali Eye Care, our committed team of experienced eye doctors, specializing in various ophthalmic fields, including Lasik Eye Surgery, provides exceptional care using cutting-edge technology in Kolkata


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Our Mission

At Pushpanjali Eye Care, our mission is to establish ourselves as the best eye hospital in Kolkata, delivering exceptional and comprehensive eye care services. We boast a team of experienced ophthalmologists specializing in various fields, ensuring state-of-the-art treatments for best eye care services in Kolkata. Our commitment lies in utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the best eye treatment in Kolkata. We strive to be the epitome of excellence, focusing on personalized and compassionate care to enhance eye health, making us the top choice for all your eye care needs in Kolkata.

Our vision

At Pushpanjali Eye Speciality Care, our aspiration is to stand as a premier institution in the realm of eye care, acknowledged for our excellence in treatments, innovative approaches, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of eye health. We strive to lead in advancements, setting benchmarks for quality, accessibility, and patient-centric services. Our ultimate vision is to enrich the lives of our patients by preserving and restoring their precious gift of sight through ethical and empathetic care.